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Enjoy an exciting electronic online* training format and acquire new skills at the location and hour of your choice.

The content is presented using graphic presentations, case studies and real life project examples. You will participate in a highly collaborative training course, working in group and partner exercises with other students through the instructor hosted course discussion forum on a daily basis.

Your instructor will provide individual feedback daily in the course discussion forums and by e-mail.

Your schedule will remain flexible so you can adjust to your busy working hours. All you will have to do is to login once a day, Monday through Friday for about 1 ˝ hours at the time of your convenience.

You can test your knowledge as you go and receive your instructor’s feedback within 24 hours. Your instructor will be available for individual consultation via e-mail or telephone by appointment.

For your records you will receive

  • Back up training material in electronic format

  • Training certificate

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